3D Seat Cushion
3D Seat Cushion
3D Seat Cushion
3D Seat Cushion
3D Seat Cushion
3D Seat Cushion
3D Seat Cushion

3D Seat Cushion

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Sitting too long can be tiring and can lead to many sicknesses. What if you can add this 3D Seat Cushion into your chair and solve all the problems regarding sitting? 

Introducing our new 3D Seat Cushion!
Just put it into your chairs and solve any problems regarding sitting. Don't just sit. Sit scientifically to get a strong and shapely booty. Put your butt on this cushion and it fits you automatically and ergonomically.


 Sit for up to 8 hours with scientifically engineered and tested a cushion for pressure relief and muscle massage.

 This soft yet firm cushion provides breathability and your butt always stays cool.

 It's ultra-reusable and washable. Airbags never go down however you push or press them.

 Sitting in is the new smoking. Too much sitting may lead to posture problems and even organ damage. Foam, cotton, rubber... None of these actually cares about your butt and your overall health. 


 Pattern Type: 
 42 x 42 x 3cm
Seat Cushion/Back Cushion


1.    Spread out the cushion, rotate the valve to open position, insert the valve into the silicone tube, use the pump, fill the air.
2.   When inflated, choose the air capacity that you feel comfortable, avoid filling the excess air and damaging the cushion.
3.   After the inflation, tighten the valve (if air is too full, unscrew the valve again, release some air).
4.  Can choose a cover to use with cushion together, increase breathing ability and durability.
5.   Avoid touching with sharp objects during use.
6.   The cushion can be cleaned with a dishcloth stained with water or alcohol, avoid using corrosive reagent cleaning.


 1 x 3D Seat Cushion